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Solas Consulting Pte Ltd formerly known as Solas Consulting, was founded in 2004 by Tan Ei Sze (commonly known as Gene Tan) and Peter Condron. Solas meaning ‘knowledge; bright’ in Gaelic represents the company’s focus in bringing and building knowledge to our customers and helping them to resolve business problems and value-add to their business operations.

The company focused on consulting and training services on SAP SCM and also Project Management. The company has a network of existing SAP consultants and is also dedicated in recruiting and trained driven, passionate and creative employees which can be tapped into for contract services, thus meeting the on-demand need of our customers in this industry.

Due to demand coming from our customers, we have in year 2010 utilizing our knowledge on how hugely successful MNC companies work and transform that understanding and innovate solutions to meet the demands of our SME market in Singapore: 

  • Inventory integration and synchronization from POS to e-commerce platform.
  • Forecasting solution built to ensure SME owners have the right products at the right place at the right time. 
  • Excellent E-commerce solutions to enable more customers to purchase from your company at a lower operating cost to you. 

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SAP SCM Training
SAP Consulting and Project Management
Inventory Integration Across Platform

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